What is Share the Wind?

It all started nearly 10 years ago when riders attending the Wharf Rat Rally circled a hospital and seniors care facility in Digby, honking horns as they passed by. That brief moment of joy for some local residents unable to join in the Rally festivities has now grown into the well-loved Share the Wind program.

In 2013, Wharf Rat Rally volunteers wanted to take it to a whole new level and include as many people they could into the huge celebration that is the Wharf Rat Rally. They brought in a Honda Valkyrie with a Champion Escort sidecar and the Share the Wind program was born.

Share the Wind rides now included rides in the sidecar for residents, staff, and family members. And it has grown to include organizations outside of Digby including Clare, Annapolis, Yarmouth, and Eastern Valley. Seniors, members of adult care programs, patients in hospitals, staff, and family are treated to rides through town in the sidecar, feeling the wind in their hair and bringing a smile to their faces.

Each summer 10 – 12 locations receive visits from the WRR Share the Wind volunteers, including Windsor Arms in Eastern Valley, Villa Acadienne in Clare, Mountain Lea in Annapolis, and the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital Wing in Digby to name a few. And the volunteers love it too. Each year more and more sign up to be part of this amazing experience, riders from Nevada, NB, NS, and all across Canada want to be part of sharing their love of the ride.

The Wharf Rat Rally may not be happening in 2020, but the comradery between friends who attend the Rally is still strong and volunteer drivers will be back in 2021, spreading the joy of riding while Sharing the Wind.