The Walk on Over campaign has been a success! Thank you to NSLC's Cabbioke for helping to provide the shuttle bus.

Again in 2017, you can Walk on Over! Leave your vehicle in Saint John, catch the morning ferry as a walk-on and we'll pick you up at the terminal in Digby to take you downtown for the day. We'll bus you back to the terminal in time to catch the 5:30 ride back to New Brunswick.

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Book your passage at and pay for the Passenger rate on the mv Fundy Rose (use the code WRR17 for a discount). The Wharf Rat Rally shuttles will be waiting for your arrival.

** Although there is no charge for our shuttle service, we do encourage EVERYONE whether on a motorcycle or not to register and complete a ballot as the $10 fee helps pay for the entertainment and the ballot lets us ascertain our numbers and where people are from.

*** Better this year! The terminal folks in Saint John are going to let us know when the ship sails how many walk-on passengers are on board so we can have enough vehicles to give everyone a ride at the same time. We had 8 people in 2015, and did NOT expect 50+ in 2016, so this year we'll be better prepared!



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