Riding Directions

For directions into Digby, Nova Scotia, please go to Getting Here.


Currency Exchange

The Wharf Rat Rally is unable to provide currency exchange services for our visitors so we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Before you leave home, check with your credit and debit card providers if your cards will be  honoured in Canada, and any restrictions
  • Whenever possible, use your credit and debit cards at the Wharf Rat Rally registration and merchandise areas
  • Obtain Canadian currency either through exchange at a financial institution in America or Canada. Using your cards at an ATM in Canada will also provide Canadian cash
  • There is an RBC and a Scotiabank right in Digby but they both close on Friday afternoon and will not re-open until Tuesday.

If you use American currency at a Wharf Rat Rally cash area, your money will be treated AT PAR so please plan ahead to have some Canadian cash.


Speed Limit

Speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour in Canada. The maximum limit within an hour's drive of Digby in Nova Scotia is 100 kmh or 60 mph. Some other conversions are: 80 kmh = 50 mph and 50 kmh = 30 mph. School goes back in on September 2nd so be sure to watch for the school zone speed limits. 


Temperatures in Nova Scotia in late summer

The average temperatures around Digby are between 10 and 20 in late summer. In Fahrenheit, that's between 50 and 69. There are a lot of scenic coastal rides with sweeping curves and gentle hills, but you'll ride through pockets of cold air, so dress accordingly.


Time Zones

Once you cross the border from Maine into New Brunswick, or come across with Nova Star Cruises, the time changes to Atlantic Daylight Savings Time, so be sure to turn your watch forward an hour. Your phone is probably smart enough to know this.


SMS Text Messaging and the Wharf Rat Rally App

In 2015, the Wharf Rat Rally had an app developed that will send you a text message to tell you about upcoming events, the value of the 50/50, etc. People will be able to subscribe to receive this information as a text message, but the codes will NOT work with U.S. phone numbers, so please download the app. It's free.




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