Things went pretty well the last couple of years!

The traffic plan for the Town of Digby for this year's Wharf Rat Rally will be essentially unchanged from 2018.

As always, the section along the water of Montague Row, Water Street and Birch Street will be one way northbound from Friday morning until Monday morning. It will be MOTORCYCLES ONLY after 5pm on Friday, or earlier if advised by the RCMP.

First Avenue will once again be one way southbound from Friday morning until Monday morning, but it won't be restricted to only motorcycles - all vehicles will be allowed this year. But First Avenue will be one way southbound right through Warwick Street all the way down to St. Mary's Street.

Queen Street will be one way northbound from Warwick Street to Racquette Road. This means that if you're coming along the Racquette, you won't be able to go up Queen - you'll either have to go up King or continue along to get onto First Avenue.

** NEW IN 2019 ** Because of the relocation of the Harley-Davidson demo rides to the downtown core this year, the curved section of Water Street will be closed to all traffic with barricades between the House of Wong and the other restaurant. For access to the wharf, continue north to the intersection with Prince William and make a hard right onto Prince William to head toward the wharf.

REMEMBER that cars and trucks that are NOT totally off the traveled portion of the road are subject to tickets and towing. For the safety of everyone, emergency vehicles must be able to get through our streets. We thank you for your consideration and compliance. Missing your vehicle? Call Brinton's at 902-245-2927.

The complete Traffic Plan can be found here. The map of the gates can be found here..

Resident Passes: For those residents on Montague Row, Water Street, Birch Street and Maiden Lane, resident passes will be available in mid August; distribution will again be through Town Hall - check their hours at

On Sunday night after the fireworks, please watch for our traffic volunteers directing traffic in the dark at street intersections, and for the RCMP at the intersection of Warwick and Victoria Streets. We're working together to keep the traffic flowing!


Shuttle Service

AGAIN IN 2019! Our shuttle bus will be operating Friday night (approx 6:30pm to midnight) and Saturday (10:00am until approximately midnight).

Because of limited parking in the downtown area, visitors not on motorcycles are encouraged to park elsewhere and use the complimentary shuttle service.

The Wharf Rat Rally will once again have shuttles that run from the Walmart / Atlantic Superstore parking lot  to downtown.

Pick up / drop off locations:

Between Walmart and Superstore in front of the Walmart garden centre

Across from Sunset Pub

In front of Guy's Frenchys

In front of the NSLC / Sobeys

At the Welcome Centre

Along Victoria Road - pick up location in front of the arena

The shuttle will run along Victoria, turn onto the Racquette and then onto First Avenue. There will be stops on First Avenue in front of the Town Hall near the Sydney Street Pub, and also behind the Wharf Rat Rally Headquarters. From here, the shuttle will continue uphill to the Welcome Centre. From the Welcome Centre back to the Walmart parking lot, the driver will stop and let people off where ever they ask.

Map for Traffic Plan website page