Street Closures

Only Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday are affected by the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby.

Starting at 8 am Friday, Montague Row, Water Street and Birch Street are one-way northbound. At 5pm Friday, those streets become accessible to motorcycles only.

Also starting at 8 am Friday, First Avenue becomes one-way southbound. Queen Street becomes one-way northbound. All vehicles can access these two streets.

We apologize for any confusion that has been caused.


Taxi Services

Here are the contact numbers for the taxi companies that serve Digby and area:

Kathleen’s Shuttle 902-249-0086  
Basin Taxi 902-245-4408   
Admiral’s Taxi 902-245-4542   
Digby Cab 902-245-6162



Kings Transit: On Saturday, September 5th, Kings Transit is offering free shuttle service from Cornwallis and Weynouth into Digby. Digby is in the middle, so it is visited every hour; Cornwallis and Weymouth every 2 hours. So: first bus leaves Cornwallis at 9am, disembarks in Digby at 9:30am, picks up in Weymouth at 10am and disembarks in Digby at 10:30am. Cornwallis pick ups will be on the even-hour and Weymouth on the odd-hour. The last bus departs Digby for Cornwallis at 6P30pm and last bus departs Digby for Weymouth at 7:30pm.

Within Digby: The Wharf Rat Rally has contracted two shuttle buses: one is a Stock Transportation bus and the other is a 55-passenger highway coach sponsored by NSLC's Cabbioke.  The route for both of these buses is planned as follows:


  • Between Walmart and the Atlantic Superstore, in front of the Walmart garden centre
  • In front of the Sunset Pub / Bruce Chev Olds
  • Guy's Frenchy's parking lot
  • In front of the NSLC by Sobeys
  • At the Wharf Rat Rally Welcome Centre
  • At the Arena on Shreve Street
  • In front of Town Hall and the Sydney Street Pub downtown on First Avenue
  • Behind Headquarters on First Avenue
  • Back to the Welcome Centre
  • Back to Sobeys / NSLC and  then
  • Back to Walmart

For a visual representation, click here.

NSLC's Cabbioke:

The NSLC Cabbioke Shuttle will be at Bay Ferries' Digby terminal at 10:30am to pick up passengers arriving from Saint John, New Brunswick and will return at 5:00 pm to drop off passengers who have visited Digby for the day and are returning to Saint John. The downtown Digby pick up/ drop off location will be behind Headquarters on First Avenue. When the NSLC Cabbioke Shuttle is not making ferry terminal runs, it will flow into the cycle from Walmart through Conway downtown and back again.


Cabioke Logo Detailed





PLEASE NOTE:  If you are registered at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre, please take their dedicated shuttle bus. It will be stopping at the two stops on First Avenue and at Bruce's Automotive across from the Sunset Pub. If you are staying in Smiths Cove and not staying at the ABCC, you will find yourself lost in the countryside ... watch for the NSLC Cabbioke Shuttle!



Towing poster

There is parking available in public and private areas around Digby: malls, schools, government buildings.

On any of the streets in Digby, if a vehicle is parked on the travel surface of a street, that vehicle will be towed.

We are offering complimentary shuttle service with two buses - please take advantage of them and park responsibly, off people's lawns and out of their driveways, and in designated parking lots.






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