The Wharf Rat Rally has the best volunteers EVER!

In 2016, we restructured our volunteers giving more scope of responsibility and ownership of the event. And, boy, did they step up! We had the best year ever in terms of volunteer management with Team Leaders organizing their teams and Leaders and Supervisors taking care of the logistics of their areas, and scheduling and training their own volunteers.

In 2017, we've gone one step farther - we're now using an online volunteer scheduling system so our shift supervisors can see at a glance what shifts need to be filled and what volunteers are scheduled.

Volunteers are the key to our annual successes and we are currently recruiting new faces for 2017 with new roles.

Offer your time as a Front-line Volunteer, a Shift Supervisor or a Team Leader in one of the following areas:
Traffic (motorcycle parking guide)
Bar back (moving beer)
Shuttle drivers/dispatchers
Volunteer hospitality
Contest coordination

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NOTE: If you volunteered in 2016, you will be contacted by your Team Leader or a Volunteer Coordinator, so fill out the information below ONLY if your phone number or email have changed. If you would like to switch areas of volunteering, please let whoever contacts you know where you'd like to volunteer in 2017, and your contact info will be passed along to the Team Leader for that new area.

What a blessing to have such a dedicated, skilled and willing volunteer force! Thank you each and every one!


For the presentation from the volunteer meeting on August 27th 2016, please click here.

Gordon Wilson and volunteers Beer Garden Erv



The Wharf Rat Rally is the largest outdoor annual event west of the Halifax / Hwy 102 line and is considered one of Nova Scotia’s esteemed signature events.

With thousands and thousands of motorcycles and tens of thousands of people over the five days leading up to Labour Day, the Rally couldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers.

Every year our team of volunteers grows  - from 51 volunteers in 2011 to over 200 in 2016 (and a high of 303 in 2015). Each and every volunteer is integral in the success of the Wharf Rat Rally, whether directing traffic, selling merchandise, taking registrations or running time trials. Thank you, all!

The 13th Annual Wharf Rat Rally is being held from August 30th to September 3rd, 2017 and the time is drawing near! Many of our volunteer requirements will be the same but a couple new things are being planned, so watch here or watch our Facebook page for periodic updates.