The Innovators Tours are a new addition to the 2016 Wharf Rat Rally. They're designed to showcase some of the cool and interesting things that are going on in Nova Scotia.

These tours are not a sure "go" ... we need people to fill out the survey via the link found at the bottom of the page so we know that we have our minimum participant requirements. Once we have enough people for this tour, we will contact the organizations to arrange for tours of their facilities.

Hiding behind the demeanour of a quant fishing village, Digby is less known as the leader in energy production it is. The world's highest tides provide the ultimate challenge in energy capture and Digby is positioned as a prime port for future development. Annapolis Royal has been generating power from tides for years withDigby Neck windmills a permanent station. With great ocean winds, Digby's wind farm is one of the largest in Nova Scotia, and the Municipality of Digby's anaerobic digester takes waste that no one wants to deal with and turns it into energy.

Of course, with such a great location, fish farms and seafood processing plants are abundant and offer lots of opportunity to learn about these great exports.

The ingenuity of the people is also readily apparent in this region. Visit Manzer Apiary to see better beehives and Acadian Seaplants to find out about how seaweed is used in a variety of ways.

Manzer Apiary booth




Choice of days will be based on survey results.

Choce of stops will be based on survey results.

Cost to participate: lunch and any other sundries.

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Still Fired 1 best in class performance AR Tidal Generating Station


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