The Wharf Rat Rally is excited to present its inaugural Spare Parts Swap Meet!

Jointly hosted by the ATV Clubs of Sou'west Nova and Digby County, and supported in part by Honda Canada, this is your opportunity to rummage through your garage or workshop to give your old parts and treasures new life!

What to bring?

  • extra parts for motorcycles or ATVs
  • gizmos and attachments that you never used or did use and are still in good shape
  • leathers, helmets and accessories that no longer fit or you've grown tired of

Options for Selling

You have 2 options for selling:

  1. you can man your own table ($20)
  2. you can have the ATV Clubs man the table for you ($35)

Manning your own table - is exactly as it sounds. You come in through the back door of the arena, meet the ATV Club volunteers, unload your stuff, stand there and sell it, load up the extras and head on out!

Having the ATV Clubs help you out

  • you'll sort your stuff
  • you'll print the attached form to fill in all the stuff you're bringing to the Spare Parts Swap Meet (Click here for the form!)
  • you'll label every item with your name, cell phone number, what it is, what it's for (if not obvious), any details, and your asking price - masking tape is a good option for labeling!
  • you'll get a large baggie or envelope and put your name and phone number on it, along with a float of $5 bills inside (5 or 6 should do), put the float amount on the outside of the baggie or envelope and your list inside the baggie or envelope
  • you'll bring your stuff into the arena through the back door, meet with the ATV Club volunteers and set up your table
  • the ATV Club member will verify your float
  • you'll put your cell phone on "loud" and carry it with you the whole time
  • at 3:50pm, you'll head back to the arena to collect your sales and pack up your remaining items

The Process if the ATV Clubs are selling on your behalf

  • when a volunteer sees a purchaser who seems to be interested, the volunteer will head to your table to offer help
  • if the purchaser is willing to pay full price, the volunteer takes the money and makes change as necessary from your personal float
  • the volunteer fills in the "selling amount" on your form
    • if the purchaser wants to haggle over the price, the purchaser will phone you and once a price has been set, the purchaser will pass the phone to the volunteer who will verify that it's your phone number that's been called and will ask for your agreed price
    • the volunteer then fills in the "selling amount" on your form and takes the money, making change if necessary
  • at 4pm, you'll be back at the arena, to add up your sales, deducting your original float amount, and checking that the proper amount of money has been collected

This Spare Parts Swap Meet is a fundraiser of the ATV Clubs of Sou'West Nova and Digby County and all money collected will be used in support of their goals of making ATV riding a safe and fun activity.

House Rules:

  • The Spare Parts Swap Meet is hosted by volunteers who will help in any way possible; please be patient!
  • Items for sale are restricted to individual pieces. Businesses that specialize in motorcycle parts, accessories or apparel cannot bring multiples of similar items to sell at the Swap Meet. Any leathers, helmets or other accessories and clothing must have been previously worn or used. If any item is deemed to be in competition with a Wharf Rat Rally vendor, the seller will be advised that it cannot be included on his/her table.
  • If you are having volunteers man your table, please be sure to keep your cell phone on at all times, and return promptly at 4pm to gather up your unsold items.

In order to plan our volunteer and table requirements, please fill out the form below. All table fees will be collected at the time of the swap meet - cash only, please. Late shows will be accommodated as well as possible, but knowing ahead of time is always preferable.


Spare Parts Swap Meet
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