The Wharf Rat Rally Motorcycle Association supports a shuttle service that runs on Friday evening, and Saturday free of charge.

Sponsored by NSLC Cabbioke, the shuttle stops are as follows:

  1. Between Walmart & Superstore
  2. In front of Sunset Pub / Bruce Chev Olds                                                                Cabbioke times
  3. Guy's Frenchys
  4. In front of the NSLC
  5. At the Welcome Centre
  6. In front of the arena
  7. In front of Town Hall
  8. Behind Headquarters

Please feel free to wave the driver down. The bus will have the Cabbioke logo on the front.

Cabioke Logo Detailed

The shuttle will be running almost a steady loop from 9:30am until at least midnight depending on usage. The last pickup of the night will take people from Digby through Smith's Cove to the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre. The shuttles will depart the route to pick people up from the ferry at 10:30am and then take them back at 5pm on Saturday but otherwise will be looping steadily.

Unfortunately we can't provide a schedule because at some times of the day, the trip will take 15 minutes while other times will require well over an hour to make the loop.

Kings Transit is once again providing no-charge rides from Cornwallis Park and Weymouth into Digby on Saturday and will drop people at the shuttle stop in front of Walmart on arrival in Conway.

The Annapolis Basin Confeence Centre runs its own shuttle that makes more frequent trips to Cornwallis Park than the Wharf Rat Rally shuttle. Many of the hotels and campgrounds around Digby also offer a shuttle service - check with their front desks.

No shuttle operated between Conway and downtown by the Wharf Rat Rally has a charge for usage**. If you're asked for money, the ride is not sanctioned by the Wharf Rat Rally and the operator is not a sponsor of the Rally.

Our shuttle service is contracted to Transport de Clare, a not-for-profit society that helps get people to doctors' appointments and grocery stores among other things. ** Transport de Clare may be asking for a fee to get people from the Municipality of Clare into Digby, but once in Digby the service is free. Learn more about Transport de Clare and their good work here.


Wharf Rat Rally's own shuttle service for volunteers and overflow calls is graciously supported by area car dealers andlogo enterprise Enterprise Rent-a-Car. We really will pick you up. Our shuttle number is 902-245-4263.



Taxi Services
Kathleen’s Shuttle 902-249-0086  
Basin Taxi 902-245-4408   
Admiral’s Taxi 902-245-4542   
Digby Cab 902-245-6162