Kevin Bean're promotes himself as The Mayor of Fun.

Nova Scotia residents of long-term care facilities liken him more to an angel.

Motorcycle riders around the world recognize him as a man well-traveled, willing to take on the risks of a life of adventure and the unknown.

The Wharf Rat Rally sees him as an Ambassador and a Leader. Bean're has been an integral part of the Wharf Rat Rally maintaining its position as Atlantic Canada's Largest Motorcycle Rally, and potentially the largest multi-day rally in Canada.


Kevin first came to the Wharf Rat Rally over 10 years ago, partly in a stunting role where he stood on his moving motorcycle (with no helmet) as it traveled along Shrieve Street. The Wharf Rat Rally has progressed and the stunts are now the domain of trained performers in a safer environment, wearing helmets. And Bean're's role has evolved also.

Bean're visits Nova Scotia every year to attend the Wharf Rat Rally. He takes part in opening and closing ceremonies. He offers book signings. He poses with people for their selfies, and he helps out whenever he's asked.

Share the Wind

After the Rally in 2012, the Heart of the Valley Long Term Care facility in Middleton phoned and asked if a motorcycle visit could be arranged for 2013. Without hesitation, Bean're agreed to champion that visit. That same year, Mountain Lea Lodge and ARC in Bridgetown also asked for a visit, so the first foray into "Taking the Rally to the People" began with two stops. As he'd been doing previously behind the Digby General Hospital, Bean're reached out to residents and staff, telling stories and making conversation. The visits were deemed successes. Now those two facilities take turn offering lunch to our group of riders.

In 2017, Bean're took the visits one step further by bringing a Valkyrie motorcycle with a sidecar to Digby. Dubbed "Share the Wind", Bean're was now able to safely take residents, family and staff for rides. One elderly man who hadn't spoken in weeks came back from his ride giving a thumbs-up and grinning ear to ear; his family cried. While Bean're chauffeurs, the accompanying riders chat with residents and staff about their motorcycles, days gone past and the Wharf Rat Rally.

And 2019 is looking positive, in expanding the role of Share the Wind that Bean're has so graciously started.

Ambassador Extraordinaire

Bean're travels the world. If you'd like to read about his adventures, pick up his books Bean're Motorcycle Nomad and Bean're Rambles the Orient. And while he is out and about, Bean're talks up Nova Scotia, Digby and the Wharf Rat Rally. He tweets, he posts, he talks ... he extolls the virtues of our great hospitality, friendly people, beautiful scenery and wonderful roads.

Bean're brings us people. Facebook followers who've never been to Canada. Other world riders like Joe Sparrow. Builders like Bobby Seeger, JR of Indian Larry Motorcycles. World class photographers like Michael Lichter. Magazine editors like Chris Callen of Cycle Source. He brought us sponsors Biltwell, Klock Werks and J&P Cycles.

But most of all, Bean're brings smiles to faces young and old, rider and non. His warm smile and his sincere demeanor show the world the heart of a true biker.

Beanre Motorcycle NomadBeanre Rambles the Orient

 Beanre at WRR


    Bean're leads all our visits to long-term care

    facilities, adult day programs and the Digby

    General Hospital visit. Please see our Schedule

    under "Enjoy the Rally" to see where to meet

    Bean're for these rides and visits.