Handicap Parking

There are two options here.Wheelchair

Make your way to the Evangeline Mall (where the big Tim Horton's and Dollarama are).

From there, please call our shuttle service at 902.245.4263.

They will either 1) give you a ride downtown or 2) escort you downtown past the barricades.

If you would like to bring your vehicle downtown, please be patient while the shuttle dispatcher walks over to look out the window to see if there are any spaces available. We have only three blocked-off spaces for handicap parking in front of the Visitor Information Centre.

If the three spaces are full, you'll have to take the ride. You can call the shuttle number again when you're ready to go back to your car, or come to Headquarters and ask for a ride (this is where the shuttles wait between calls).

If one of the parking spaces is available, either a shuttle or a motorcycle will come to meet you at the mall, so please tell the shuttle dispatcher where you're parked and what you're driving. Or the dispatcher may ask that you move closer to town. Either way, you'll be met and the Rally volunteer will let the person at the barricade know to allow you through.

Once you're ready to leave your parking space, please remember that the road is one way toward the wharf and drive carefully as pedestrians will sometimes step into the street.


Accessible Washrooms

There is an accessible washroom at the Visitor Information Centre and another one at the Heritage Hall at the north end of town.